Brick Lane – where wakes up your artistry self

The weather today was so fine, sunny and a little bit windy. I really liked this weather of London. Even if it was just 6 degrees, I still didn’t feel cold because of the dryness in the air. In my country, people would hide in buildings if the weather went below 10 degrees. In London, just a thick-enough coat can save me through the day.

Today my friend took me to Brick Lane.

Walking out of the over-ground, I noticed a really interesting fence that was full of locks that had names written on them on the sidewalk. I’ve heard about this kind of “Locks of Love” in Korea and France, but this is the first time I’ve seen this here, in London. Love is no doubt the most important thing in this world, and no matter what can assure that people can have the one they love just by doing it, people will do it.

Locks of Love

Brick Lane today was not too crowded. There were many people here, and people still collided while walking along the lanes, but still, we all could manage to get through without any scratches or saying sorry for bumping into others (Don’t worry, we do know how to apologize). It was not too jammed that we still could just cut to the right (watch out!!!) for an old CD shop that sold many gramophones/vinyl discs from the past, when people still considered buying and listening to records was a trendy thing to do (now we buy songs online, FYI. Or just download them). We still could have time to wander along the food kiosks that were selling the traditional food from many countries around the world like Spain, Turkey, Korea, France…then randomly dropped by one or two of them to taste their samples.

Happy couple enjoying their sunny day

My friend told me that people called Brick Lane a place of young artists. This is where they came and showed their personality by doing gigs in pubs, painting on the walls, or just “showing off” their life’s statement through what they wore. Especially during nighttime, “the area seemed to wake up and lived its life the fullest.”

I liked it. It felt young and free. It felt alive to me.

See that guy? No, I mean the guy making the bun

Here I could just walk around, drop by some shops, letting myself fly away with songs by the Beatles, Queen, or I could sit on a small wooden table in the corner of a coffee shop, enjoy a Latté, watch people passing by with shopping bags, souvenirs or a hot bowl of paella in their hands. Or I could decide to blend into that chaotic crowd, go to a French roasted duck buns kiosk, order their signature one, chitchat with the owner for a while and then go, not forgetting to add a little bit of chili sauce onto my “fellow duck” (I truly hope you understand “my fellow duck” here was the bun. I was no friend with ducks like Joey from FRIENDS…)

This area seemed to be a private amusement park where people came and played when they needed some new colors for their stressful lives.

Roasted duck bun/bagel

I was no exception. Interestingly, I went home with a lot more colors than when I came here.

At least with a small dark red stain of chili sauce on my T-shirt.


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