Hawker House – cool place for your cold lonely weekend

Hawker House is a newly built warehouse, modestly lying inside a dark, small lane near Canada Water tube station. This is one of four night markets opened by Street Feast at the end of this year.

Can you fit into this place?

Standing inside the Hawker House, I felt a familiar feeling of Zone9 in my Hanoi, Vietnam (but now our Zone9 is just a beautiful memory thanks to an “intelligent” decision of authority). Here they have many oil-drums-turned-tables for customers to stand and enjoy food, drinks. They’ve installed food kiosks standing side by side with handsome and cute waiters and waitresses. And the most interesting thing – they have creative food with creative names (Prawnography – with prawn dish is one example)

Well said! Well said!!

I’ve been here twice. Once with my friend’s family, once with my Japanese friend. The first time I was here, I tried food made from lobsters. It sounded fancy, I know. That was why I chose it (oohh…who doesn’t want fancy thing huh?) But it tasted so so, and the price was higher than I’d expected (did I hear someone say lobster? Yah! I know, but imagine one sixth of a small lobster being sold for 14 pounds…Hurt, isn’t it?).

The second time I came here, I decided to co-operate with my friend to try 2 buns (7 pounds for 2) and rice with chicken (6 pounds) then we could share and taste both. Well…Tasted O.K. But imagine, we still needed to buy two pieces of cake on our way home because we were still hungry after finishing those, plus one bottle of wine (12 pounds for that. Ouch!)

14-pound lobster sandwich

If you think about having dinner here, then think again. I suggest you have dinner first and come here before 7 PM (or happy paying 3 pounds for entry!) But if all you need is just a place to chill, then this place is absolutely for you. This is absolutely a great hang-out place for everyone from friends, to couples, to families on weekends.

Second floor has pool tables!!!

Hawker House brings us the warm feeling, makes us feel more comfortable than the cold, lonely feeling we had when we are standing outside or on our way walking toward the inside of it. Although this warehouse was divided into two spaces (and a second floor) but both are so giant that can “warmly hold” hundreds of people without shaking its ground. Moreover, the candle-look-alike lights, about more than 10 food kiosks, 5 bars tightly grabbing each other’s hands will help minimize the empty feeling (if there’s any…) that this place might bring…

What a pity it’s only open until 11, 12 December…


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