Oxford Street is ready for festive season. Are you?

01 November 2015,

After walking out of Oxford Circus station, I was harshly pushed into a really chaotic and crowded space filled with many many people on Oxford Street.

London today was exactly what I’d been imagining it to be. A foggy city. The streets were so cool that you could actually feel the fog liquidize into tiny water balls, fly freely in the air, climb on anything that didn’t fight against them (or anything that actually did fight against them). Literally everywhere.

Small lane on Oxford Street

On the western side of the street, people were happily enjoying its traffic free situation, because there was a really interesting event being hosted at the end of it. The event which only happened once a year – a Christmas street light switching event. A couple weeks ago, when I was walking along this street, I’ve noticed all the round white balls looked like lantern hanging above my head. I vaguely guessed that they would be lightened up on some big event before midnight but I did not know when and how. All was just my guess at that time.

Tonight, the lights were really lightened up. The white balls before now seemed to wake up, transform into colorful green, yellow, orange ones. The street became sparkling. And of course…romantic. That was why I did bump into many couples who were busy kissing each other without caring about the peace of our world…

File 18-11-2015, 23 18 29
Light balls…I mean the ones that are hanging there

Christmas was coming. And this year, I could feel that it was going to be special.

To me. Personally.


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  1. IOANA says:

    I love Oxford street at night ❤ and you are right: a lovely and sometimes very romantic view full of couples of different ages, hand in hand, sharing 'a glass' of tender words in an enchanting atmosphere prepared for winter holidays. Maybe we have the best time of our life here…and already started. Let us enjoy this! ^_^

    *Every time I go there I stop and take some photos, and every time is different, but yet beautiful.

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