A time to dance – Padma Venkatraman

Will we follow our dreams or our parents’ expectation?

What do we highly consider more, our children’s talent or “our faces”?

What do we choose, what we want or what our parents want?

What will we invest in, what our children want or what we THINK our children want?

Will being an engineer bring happiness to our children when what he wants is to become a dancer?

Is our family’s dignity that important when it is the reason why our daughter always feels sad, disappointed and not stay true to herself?

One dance – might sounds small, seems nothing to us, but in order to master that dance, a dancer has to work so hard that she may cry her blood out. So why do we give ourselves the right to look down on her work? Why do we give ourselves the right to think dancer is not a high-class occupation? Why do we give ourselves the right to force our child to study to become a doctor?

Theory and Practice are two totally different stories sometimes.

What we think that’s good for our children may not be good to them.

The fact that we want them to follow our order, in fact, is just to satisfy ourselves’ mentality. We just want ourselves to feel safe. At this point, we just think for ourselves, but we think that we’re thinking for others, for our children.

Our children following their dreams, in fact, is a gamble.

Our children following our expectation, is also a gamble.

But the gamble they choose has nothing like the one we pick for them.

Because in their own gamble, win or lose, it’s them who are in charge of everything.

While in our gamble, winning means we’re happy. Losing means they blame us for making them do it. We are responsible.

Everybody has their own lives.



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  1. IOANA says:

    I found myself in your words or even maybe in the story of this book. “Will we follow our dreams or our parents’ expectation?” Could anyone believe me that even today I don’t know the right answer here? It is confusing because sometimes I’m thinking about this like I’m thankful for what they have done for me, but when it comes to my path, my life, my choices, I hardly recognize if the decision was mine or theirs. And it becomes more and more confusing because sometimes I feel secure this way but sometimes not.

    *Interesting book, I will consider it

    Thank you for your devotion and for the nice words you put down here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tung1407 says:

      Yes, I do understand. I was in the same situation about 1o years ago, but then I realised that I needed to live for myself. Doing good what I love is another way to “pay back” to our parents and also keep us happy 🙂 I hope you will find a way to mix those two together so that your parents could be happy and you won’t feel any regrets…Best wishes! 🙂


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