“CRITICAL” exhibition – will animals be seen just on papers one day?

Today, London was so so cold. The feeling that I’ve got from tip-toeing to the 3 degrees celsius outdoors from the 30 degrees celsius inside Sloan Square station was just as freaking annoying as how I felt, when rolling my sweaty body from air-conditioned office to the nearly-30-degrees roads. The sun did come out this morning, but it meant nothing when the wind was so strong that it could violently shake up my camel over coat if I hadn’t put my hands inside the pockets to hold it steadily. But still, even the wind had not been this strong, I wouldn’t have dared to leave my hands out, cause they would definitely fall on the ground just like two hand-look-alike ice cubes. I needed my hands sometimes, so…

Loughran Gallery

This morning, I was following my friend’s family to a private gallery because they wanted to pay the artist, who sold them his painting for their soon-to-be new house a few weeks ago, a visit. They wanted to get to know more about his works.

Running baby elephant

Honestly, I was a blank page when it came to art (and I still am!). I am not good at criticizing art in general, or more details, I am not good at observing paintings. Standing in front of a painting, I’d only know one thing which was “Is it beautiful?” (in my opinion, and sometimes it may sound crazy). And if there were someone asked me “How was it beautiful?” or “What feeling did you get while watching it?”, I would kill myself.

Running tiger

The theme of this exhibition was about critically endangered species, and what I felt intrigued while standing and watching these paintings was not the look-alike between these on the papers and those in nature, but the realness of movements of the animals under the artist’s magical “wand”. Running tiger, walking penguin, swimming sea turtle, all were so lively in my eyes. This recalled me of one of my trip to Singapore two years a go, when I’d had a chance to visit a Dinosaurs Museum in Marina Bay Sands. In the museum, they showed some 3D technique that re-produced the movements of T-rex and Triceratops while they walked or run in nature which was so smooth and real. Today I had the same feeling while watching these animals but just with one difference. These animals were painted on papers. Amazing!

Standing in front of these moving animals, half of me felt respect the hard work that the artist had contribute while creating them. He must have spent a lot of time observing them in nature so that he could re-paint them this beautiful.

Just me and the animals

But there was one more thing that has been stucking in my mind…

In the future, would there be one moment when we only had a chance to eye-witness these naturally amazing movements of these amazing animals just on papers?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. IOANA says:

    I love the “Running tiger”. Besides he is my favorite animal, every paint/drawing that captures his beautiful, enchanting and fascinating posture is very pleasing for my eyes. Regarding the future, I hope we will never have the chance to admire them only from lifeless pictures.

    *Great job!
    **Very beautiful photos you have made!


    1. tung1407 says:

      Thanks for your compliment. I really appreciate that. Comments like yours are the reason for me to keep writing. And by the way, the tiger looked more amazing when you saw the picture in real life. 🙂

      Thanks again 🙂


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