POLPO – A place for an Italian Cuisine addict…like me!

Cuisine is my passion of life. Even though I am a student in London at the moment (which means my priority should be study…duh?), but if I had to choose between good grades in school or a good pasta and a huge panna cotta in a restaurant, I would definitely follow my belly’s call. I just love food. Period.

Today, my friend’s family took me to an Italian restaurant near Saatchi Gallery. Honestly, if I were walking alone in this area, I would definitely go pass this place without blinking since it was just a small house, lying modestly in a corner of the street. Not just small, I even had to go through a small lane to get to it, after romantically walking by a giant trash bin standing right in the middle of that lane. The restaurant where I was invited to today was POLPO – an Italian cuisine restaurant.

ZARA is there!

POLPO has both indoor and outdoor dining spaces but since the weather was so freakingly cold, we decided to go inside. Of course, here was warmer. But I realized this warmness did not just come from the heater (duh?!), but also from the dark brown wood-look-alike walls and a huge bar that made this space a little bit darker and less empty. A plus on this winter day.

Lamb meatballs

Since POLPO was an Italian restaurant, today we only ordered Italian cuisine. And the food was awesome!

We ordered many signature dishes by the chef like Lamb and Mint meatball (with pasta), Spinach, Parmesan and Soft Egg Pizzette, Zucchini, Parmesan and Basil Salad, all were so delicious but I had to say, the masterpiece of today was Roast Pork Belly and Braised Apple. Perfectly cooked. The pork’s skin was crispy but blended smoothly with the slightly sour taste of apple. The meat was soft and in a perfect light brown color. I always looked out for my body’s weight, but today…honestly, I cared about this pork more. And interestingly, eventhough the ingredients of this dish were obviously different and hard to find in my country, but this reminded me of our country’s traditional dish that we have on Lunar New Year called Braised Pork and Bamboo Shoot (or baby-bamboo, I don’t know!)

Roast Pork and Braised Apple…Argh~

With someone who is crazy about Italian food like me, this lunch was perfecto! Authentic and Delightful!

This tastes way better than it looks now!

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  1. IOANA says:

    Yummy, it looks delicious and the place is absolutely beautiful. I prepared pasta for dinner and I remembered that I have to read something about food here on your blog and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this opportunity.

    *Adorable place, I’ll keep in mind when I’ll be craving for Italian food.
    **Great job, your work is becoming more an more beautiful here 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tung1407 says:

      Your comment is so touching! I like it a lot! 🙂 Thank you so much!


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