Christmas is waiting right at your doorstep…

Today London was so beautiful…

The streets were decorated so amazingly, all the lights were lighten up already. It felt like I was walking along a imaginary road in a novel written about Christmas when the main characters would meet and fall in love right before the Christmas Eve ends. Everybody seemed to be walking with a happy feeling that could brighten not just themself but the people around them also. And by saying “the people around them”, I mean me.

Here I could see the atmosphere, when it’s coming close to Christmas, was so different from what I had back home.

Walking along the streets, I could feel the Christmas-y excitement liquidised in the air, sneaking into the houses, climbing through the windows just to see the lights, the people inside. The warmth that Christmas brought along now could be visualized more vividly than ever. So vividly that it could scare away the noisy barks of cars, buses and taxies on the streets. So vividly that it could turn into a giant door slamming behind me, not letting the noise follow me, when I just dramatically turned right to a small lane, so small that only two persons could walk at the same time side by side, when I was walking on Oxford street that was full of people and felt fed up with that chaotic image…

Covent Garden, London

Today, Covent Garden looked busier than ever. All restaurants were packed with people although it was only 4.00 in the afternoon. They all seemed to be sitting with their families, talking, laughing, taking selfies. They looked like tourists who always were busy with sight seeing schedule and needed to finish their meals as fast as they could, but even that was the case, it still showed me how it looked like on Christmas. Christmas was standing there, at the doorstep, waiting nervously for us to open our doors, so it could run into our families, hug each member after a whole year of long-time-no-see. It was the time when people come home from anywhere…Just to see their siblings, their parents…

To celebrate love and family…

I felt Christmas was so different here.

It was so warm that it could make one guy who was living so far away from his family, feel less cold, even though it was 8 degrees Celsius on the streets and the wind was blowing more and more strongly when it came to night time.

London December 1st 2015


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