Hyde Park Winter Wonderland – your new hide-out in this Winter-seems-never-ends

From Green Park tube station, I could see a pink instruction sign sticking on the wall, telling me which direction to go in order to get to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. It felt like I was playing a “Hunting Treasure” game in which you were told to search for the first code to know where the next code would be.

On my way from the tube station to Hyde Park, after each couple of meters, there were more people joining the flow of people searching for pink signs. They were talking, laughing, teasing each other while walking. How excitingly this evening has begun.

But the closer we got to the main entrance of the park, the more nervous I got when I came to realize that this place was over crowded. Packed with people! Even though they had security men check people’s bags but with such big number of people, the security check could not guarantee that I would be 100% safe inside.

Wanna join for a ride?

But then, I came to realize that who’d know what was gonna happen. That was a math with the percentage of unpredictable numbers that we could never know. So why worry about something we could never know if it turned out to be true or not? Live goes on, and we need to go with the flow, don’t we?

Winter Wonderland looked amazing to night. All looked glamorously beautiful and so eye-catchy that it made everyone want to play at least one game. This looked like many village fairs on the prairies in a couple of movies about some villages I watched years and years ago. Very crowded and full of joy and laughter. I could not imagine how I would have felt if I had been here since I was a child…

Isn’t this cold enough?

Last night was also the first time I eye-witnessed something called security evacuation.

I was wandering around, taking pictures when someone in a illuminating coat came up to me and said “Please don’t be panic and slowly move towards the exit.” I felt goose bumped, the hair on my neck just erected, I felt my heart beat faster because of fear. And the thing that made it more scary was that I didn’t even have a clue about what was going on at that moment.

I had no clue what was going on

I looked around and noticed many people in illuminating coat slowly walking towards people, small talked them to leave.

See you again!

Even now, I did not know what was happening back then, but I noticed the professional actions that those guards performed that night. When I asked them what was happening (Yea, I was a journalist before), one girl just answered “This is for your safety. We are just following order.” How professionally!

What an amazing night! Full of surprise and joy…and fear…


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