Love Actually – you’ll feel LOVE when you watch it in London, ACTUALLY

I cannot remember how many times I’ve watched this movie back in my country. I even bought 5, 6 dvds back in the old days, in the fear that one of the discs might had some errors that it couldn’t be played anymore. And then I found a really nice file on the Internet and downloaded it to just to keep it safe, and to watch it again and again whenever I want.

A few days ago, on Christmas Eve, I decided to watch it, in London. And it was more amazing than ever before. Not because of something new in the movie that I spotted, but because it was how differently I felt from the last many times.

062bcf686I could see the airport and tell myself “Oh, I was here”, I could see the streets and wonder “Well, someday I’ll cross that”, or I could understand all the English accent spoken by the actors and fell in love with all of them right away…

I felt love more vividly when I saw a man expressing his love to his best friend’s wife just by some carton papers…

I felt love more naive when I saw a writer jumping in the pond to help his Portugese maid grabbing his drafts…

love_actuallyI felt love more funny when I saw a boy practicing how to play drums just to impress a girl-of-his-dream…

I felt love stronger when I heard what a prime minister had got to say about the relationship between this country and America just because of his assistant (and stupidly cute also!)

love-actually-laura-linney_0And I felt love more hurtful when a lady kept giving up her times with the man she loved, just to run to her brother in a hospital, even if it might mean that her man would turn away from her…

I felt it all, all levels of LOVE…

When I am here, ACTUALLY in London.


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