London Lumiere Festival – Relight your fire

During last weekend, thousands of people (or hundreds thousands) have oozed out on to the streets in central London to eye-witness the London Lumiere Festival 2016. No doubt this has been the most glamorous event so far in London (when I said glamorous, I mean really…twinkle twinkle little lights!) The event started from 6.30 PM (can it be AM? duh!) to 10.30 on three days Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it showed how busy  and crowded London could be, even though all the streets around where the events were going on, were blocked.

Uh…excuse me…what is this?

On Regent Street, there were two holly fish flying in the sky (well…not the sky-sky, but in the air), and they changed color along the night. They were actually two giant kites being controlled by two (or sometimes three) persons standing on the street with the long rope in their hands. The fabric of the kites was amazing. It made the fish look so real in every movement. The fish actually looked like they were swimming in the ocean with buildings as coral or rocks and people walking under them as…well…you imagine! (I say…sand, maybe?)

Swimming fish…or flying?

Walking to the crossroad between Oxford street and Regent street, I could see an abstract light hanging above. It changed color too. But the color was not monotone but so unique. There was time I felt like I was flying in the sky looking into the volcano’s hole in the upside down world, but there was time I thought to myself “Wow…what a giant red octopus!”. It just kept surprising me.

However, the master piece of Sunday night, that I would feel sorry if I did not mention here, was the short performance with light in human shapes on the wall above DESIGUAL shop. One word – incredible!!!

It was a story with a plot, with movement controlled by a computer (I guess) which let the light switch on and off so “hit-the-spot” with the music (I call it the…M-spot). People standing on the street seemed to forget the coldness of the night (which dropped to nearly 0 degrees celsius), and kept cocking their heads up just to take all the performance in. They even laughed, clapped their hands and dropped their jaws (not on the ground, idiot! It was not THAT cold!) each time the story reached its highest notch. Everybody loved it!

Amazing performance!

London Lumiere Festival 2016 was the one and only event when I always felt OK to shout at people “GO TO THE LIGHT, PEOPLE!!!” and they just smiled to me without feeling scared or…angry…


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