Fashion Project Hands-on by celebrities – Are those hands real or “just PR”?

Two weeks ago, Brooklyn Beckham has announced on his instagram that he was going to shoot one fragrance campaign for Burberry. This, of course, became one of the hottest topics in the fashion industry those days. Not only because Brooklyn and the Beckham family have been a hot “hook” for the media (we are fish!), but also this caused some conflict, or anger amongst some professionals in the industry.

In an interview with the Guardian, fashion photographer Chris Floyd said that by hiring an inexperienced photographer like Brooklyn to shoot a professional campaign, Burberry just showed the “devaluation on photography” and it showed “lack of respect for hard working, experienced professionals.” He argued that Burberry hired Brooklyn just because he is having millions of followers on social media, and this, in fact, “counter-intuitive to what his parents represent.”

649Is this Brooklyn thing the first ever collaboration between fashion brands and celebs? No. Not until now that fashion brands have thought about collaborating with some “big names” in show business to boost their reputation up. Celebrity endorsement and collaborations have been a big money-maker since a long time ago. David Beckham for H&M underwear, David Gandy for Mark&Spencer underwear, Jimmy Fallon with J.Crew (pocket square phone cases), Beyonce with H&M, Rihanna with River Island, to name a few. But why now the anger arises? Is it because photographers think one boy could not take beautiful photos since he has never been through any trainings? Or is this because hiring him equals “less cake for others”?

Jess Cartner-Morley (the guardian) had the perfect view on this. She said that this Burberry campaign has nothing to do with photography or “pick the best in the bunch”, but to promote a fragrance for young people. And “16-year-old landing a dream job by taking really good selfies will prove to be a pretty compelling story for the teenagers this product is aimed at.” So…end of discussion, yeah?

Celebrity collaboration in fashion has been a smart move by fashion houses so far (very smart! Hands down!). And I guess we are all “mature” enough to understand that not all fashion collaborations are “real” but only PR.

Seriously, you don’t think David Beckham did take a pencil and draw kids undies sketches, do you?



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