Harry Potter! Wait for me in Platform 9 3/4, will ya?

I still remember the first time I’ve read Harry Potter more than ten years ago, when I was still a student. I still can recall the thin and light books, which only had one chapter each, that were published weekly by one publishing house in Vietnam. At that time, we did not have anything called legal right or whatever, so that publishing house could do that (I heard that they then were asked to stop doing that and published exactly like other publishers in the world). They published those books on every Friday, so I had to wait just to hungrily read one chapter, then waited again (harsh, isn’t it?)

Looking back, I still can feel the eagerness and excitement that I’ve got every time I touched those one-chapter-long Harry Potter books weekly. The names of the characters, Ron, Hermione, Harry, and all the names that I’d never heard of before when I’d been studying English in school. Dumbledore? Hagrid? Hogwart? And especially, all the tricks, magic, wands that Rowling wrote in the books. Incredible and so shockingly exciting!

IMG_20160411_231921-01Yesterday, when feeling stuck while going through some academic books, I suddenly thought about Harry Potter again. Then I thought to myself “Why not reading all the volumes of Harry Potter once again here, in London? It’s gonna be different than before, since now I can sense all the places, all the accent that the characters might say with, all the roads that they might mention…And moreover, I can feel like…I actually know them”

This is the fourth time I’ve read Harry Potter, but I believe that this time I will have new emotion.

Maybe I could be transformed back into the boy I used to be, waiting for each Friday to run as fast as he could to the bookshop to get the latest volume, then sat down on the ground to take in all the words, the names, and the magic…then kept sitting there, looked at the sky, imagined that one day…just one day, he could push his cart through the Platform 9 ¾ to see one magical train waiting to take him to a magical world.

I think I am ready now…

Take you wand!

P.S: I am definitely gonna buy the full set of Harry Potter when I have money…


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