MUSE concert – My first step into the world of Rock

I was about to go home from our library when my friend sent me a text message asking me if I want to go to a concert with her because her cousin was suddenly busy and could not go with her. Well, I have never gone to any concert without knowing who was going to play except for tonight. I agreed and took the first tube to the O2 arena.

The band that performs tonight is Muse – the name I’ve never heard of since my taste of music has never been rock (yeah! I am true Pop and R&B fan).

Yes, tonight is my first time going to a Rock concert.

2016-04-14 21.38.40Honestly I have to admit that I did not expect anything out of tonight’s concert. I came here just because I did not want my friend to waste her money when she probably had to trash the ticket (she told me that if I had not come, she would have given it to a stranger. Ouch! Sorry! stranger!)

2016-04-14 22.38.48And I was not let down. The Muse concert was a m a z i n g (I had to write it this way to get your attention), not because I loved all their songs, but because the atmosphere that I got, the feeling the they gave me, and all the lighting, silky smooth 3D performance interacting with their songs…but most of all it was because of the crowd’s excitement and “high-ness” every time Muse sang a new song. That was goo-oo-ood!

2016-04-14 22.19.32In my mind, rock performances are not full of dancing, clothes changing or “PR” stunts on the stage, but tonight’s show still left me at awe thanks to a giant space ship flying around the arena, or 10 giant balloons jumping up and down giving the fans a really funny and exciting time trying to break them…

I have to admit that after tonight, I am still truly a pop fan, a R&B fan (to the bone), but somehow I felt like maybe I’ve missed something that is really interesting in my life.

Rock is not that as rough and hard-to-listen-to as I’ve thought. And I think Muse just got them a new fan!


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