Volunteering for Westminster Mile (2016)

Yesterday, I had an amazing opportunity volunteering for Westminster Mile 2016 with Team Westminster. Talking about Volunteer, I had arranged/done quite some volunteering work with my University back when I was an undergraduate student, so to me, giving back to the community is not just a task that I need to do, but a hobby that I want to invest my time into.

So, Westminster Mile 2016 is a road race for runners, known for its beautiful purpose, which is to raise fund for many charities like Prostate Cancer Research UK, Breast Cancer Care, Breast Cancer Now…And I was told and have read that the number of runners is increasing year after year (It reached over 4,000 runners in 2015) So to me, this is huge!

FB_IMG_1464558270117My task when doing this was de-chipping the runners’ shoes, which basically cutting two thin metal line which holds the chip (half the bank card’s size) and put it into two baskets (one for the chip and one for the metal lines). Easy? Yep! Try it with over 300 runners/day for each volunteer!20160529_084556-01

This was a really really fun opportunity to me. I’ve met many amazing persons in my team, and also I was deeply touched with my conversations with the runners while I was de-clipping them (sounds creepy! de-chipping human?) I’ve got to meet with many cute children with their parents, many strong elderly who are at the same age with my parents and late grandparents, and especially one lady who has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor (she even tried to de-chip her shoes without asking for my help, which made me so small in front of her). I respect them all!IMG_20160529_090012-01

Westminster Mile (2016) was such an interesting event which not only let me know about the good deed behind volunteering activities, but also helped me know more about many interesting individuals and learnt so much from them (even from the children), which is weird because you actually think you’re giving back to the community, but in fact you’re investing in yourself also.



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