Happy birthday to the Queen of the United Kingdom

Last Saturday, I had an opportunity to be a volunteer for the Queen’s birthday. No need to say how happy I was.

When I was in my country, I was so curious about this “system” and the monarchy of England, I was curious about how the people in the UK is treating their Queen, whether they love their Queen after such a long time, since she was crowned. Especially on my train home the day before, I’d read an article on the newspaper entitled “Why we love our Queen”, in which told the feeling that British people have for their Queen, I became more curious to put this to the test. So I was very excited to do this.

And the article was right. But not only British people love the Queen. We all do! 

Screenshot_2016-06-11-15-21-01_com.miui.videoplayer-01The event started from 10 A.M, but as a volunteer who would help keep the people acknowledged about this event, I was asked to be there from 8.00. And when I was there, the sidewalks were full of people standing, sitting on their chairs, holding flags with food, drink by their sides, waiting for the event to begin. Surprised, level 1.

After a briefing session, we went to our “area”. Mine was right at the gate (West African Gate) outside the Buckingham Palace. My task was to direct people to the right direction or help them find their way to their destination when they asked, which was not too easy since I have just been here for nearly 9 months and I was not familiar with this area. So I chose to stand right next to the public map (smart move, wasn’t it?)

About 2 hours later, the Queen came. OMG…The crowd went crazy! Some people sang “Happy birthday”, some people waved their flags like there’d be no tomorrow, some people shouted, and there were some people even tried to climb on the wall just to get a better view of the Queen. I was so excited that I had to whip out my phone to film her passing by. Surprised, level 2.

Screenshot_2016-06-11-15-14-24_com.miui.videoplayer-01At the end of the event was the flight pass, which was basically the performance of planes in the sky. This left people in awe just by watching it. They all cheered up and sent the pilots a big applause even though they knew that there was no way the pilots could hear it.

This was a really exciting and rare experience that I’ve got to be a part of, because the Queen turned 90 this year, and I don’t know if I’ve got a chance to do this again in the future.

But this was also a really amazing thing to do, because never before I was greeted by the police men from a far with a big smile on their faces and got to hear them saying this “Thank you for your service today, we really appreciate that.”

How cool was that, huh???IMG_20160611_130931-01


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