BFG Dream Jar Trail – When you walk the walk of dreams

If you are a movie fan, then I am sure you will know BFG – a big movie directed by the one and only Steven Spielberg. I have not either seen the movie or read the book, so I am not going to tell you about both of them now. Instead, I will tell you about “a walk of dreams” – a treasure hunt game following the movie.

A walk of dreams or The Dream Jar Trail is a treasure hunt game based on the movie which lets whoever likes this movie download the Dream Jar map and follow it around London to look for the jars hidden in the city.

These dream jars were made based on the celebrities’ dreams such as Beyonce’s, Steven Spielberg’s or the Delevigne sisters’, each has its own uniqueness that makes peple excited and eager to keep looking for the next one. You may find these dream jars hidden in St.James Park, or on Regent Street, or even under the basement of one hotel (Harrods has three!!!)

The beauty of this game is the feeling that you’ve actually accomplished something albeit a small one. You may find many people under the same mission like you are…friends, families, couples…all acting like children looking for a hidden treasure in a forest…

And as for me, this just made me realize one thing…

Sometimes, following your dreams means you have to feel lost on the way…


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