Ramsgate – a beautiful town with private boats, tanned skin and the most amazing waitress I’ve ever met

I went visit Ramsgate after my friend had randomly chosen this city while searching on Google for a city that’s near the ocean. I agreed right away without even considering where and how we would get there. Maybe we were both too exhausted because of the dissertation that we so needed to go somewhere to relax.

The first thing I realized about Ramsgate was that it was so quiet. The Ramsgate station is the last train station so this means there were only a few people getting out from here. There were only three bus lines going around town and even the bus was never full of people when we took it.2016-08-29 08.12.27 1

When we got to the harbor, “It’s full of boats!” was the first thing I said. It seemed like the citizens here were all millionaires so affording a private boat is no problem to them.

Then I realized one more thing. The people here are so tanned. They don’t look red(ish) like the majority of westerners after lying under the sun but they look Latin-y with healthy brown skin. Standing on the pier, looking at the people here, I imagined that I was just accidentally sent to Monaco or Santorini where people are famous for their Mediterranian looks.2016-08-29 08.14.54 1

People in Ramsgate were extremely friendly. That was what I got.

I met a couple at the station and they were so kind that they told me where to go, which bus to take. They even told the bus driver to sell us the tickets that would take us to the harbor.

I met a waitress in a pub, who suggested me to order the right dish for our lunch and she ven told me some jokes.

But the most amazing waitress that I’ve met was a 70-year-old (ish) lady we met when we walked into a tea house to enjoy some cakes. She gave me advice on which cake I should order, tell me stories about those cakes and in the end and she let us stay for some extra time after she closed the Teahouse when other customers had to leave. She reminded me so much of my grandmother, who always thought about others before even thinking about herself.

Ramsgate, I think, does not match anyone who is looking for a place to enjoy the entertainment, spend money, because, in my eyes, Ramsgate is still a quiet old city where the people are all trying to prevent themselves from merging in the noisy urban life.

But if a quiet, romantic city with beautiful white houses and colorful gates is your type, then Ramsgate is a perfect choice.


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