The Boy Between – Susan Stairs

One day, after saying goodbye to her parents, Orla was given an envelope by her father, in which had a photo of her parents when her mother was pregnant with her. Between them standing a young boy, teenager maybe, her mother had one arm on the boy’s shoulder. Orla had no idea who this boy was but one thing that made her feel weird was that when she asked her father about the boy, her father seemed to try to change the subject so that he would not have to talk about that. What had happened before she was born that made her father act strangely like that? Not to mention he forced her not to ask her mother about the boy…


One day, Tim, a teenage boy in England was sent to his aunt house in Ireland by his parents when summer came. His aunt was expecting her first child. His father was supposed to take him there but one accident had prevented him from doing that.

While living with his aunt’s family, Tim met Maeve, a girl at the same age as he was, whom he really liked. But one time, coincidently, Tim caused death to her dog after accidently freed it out to the road and it was hit by a truck. Maeve stopped talking to Tim which made him suffer a lot that he wanted to go home.

But the fact that his aunt changed her attitude suddenly, persuaded him to stay more, has made him suspect about the reason why he was here and why his aunt did not want him to return to his parents in England.

The secret was pushed out eventually…

Why did Orla’s father force her not to ask her mother about the boy?

Why did Tim’s aunt want him to stay? Were they trying to hide something from him?

Everything turned clear at the end of the  book…

Beautiful and touching story about family and sacrifices…

The Boy Between – Susan Stairs


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