One day being a farmer right outside of London…

London is going through its last days of summer. One day rarely passes without giving people both rain and sun, which sometimes becomes a disturbing thing to your brain. So when London shows the brighter face, we have to act fast. That is why I always have rush feelings when it comes to where to go and what to do while I am still here.

So, yesterday, we decided to go strawberries picking at a farm right outside London, when we knew that we would have a glimpse of sun during the day. Parkside Farm Pick Your Own was chosen to be our destination.

PicsArt_09-03-11.41.34After finishing our breakfast at one really warm and cozy restaurant near the farm, with baskets in hands, we followed the paths into the strawberries farm. Maybe the strawberries have not met their season yet so there were not too many strawberries in sight for us to pick, but still, in the end, we managed to redden our baskets with the fruits. After strawberries, we headed to raspberries, French beans, corns, courgettes and did not leave our hands empty. Red-ish strawberries, green French beans, soft and “bloody” raspberries, whales-look-alike courgettes…all become our victory for today.

Albeit just for one day, being a farmer did help me to know more about the countryside of London, the side that I’ve never eye-witnessed before but once I knew, I felt connected to it right away.

London has never been this tranquil and eco-friendly like this


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