Made to stick – Chip Heath and Dan Heath

A few months ago, I started to read Made to stick after finishing Contagious (Jonah Berger) in order to have some comparisons between these two since they were all written about how to make people share your idea or how to make your campaign become an epidemic. And after two chapters of Made to stick I realized that I was not supposed to do that. I decided to put the book down because when you do so many similar things one after the others, you will get the bored feeling that could eliminate the one you see later.

Two days ago, I decided to re-read Made to stick and honestly it turned out to be more interesting than the last time.

In Made to stick, Chip and Dan Heath (Why do I always think about Chip and Dale when mentioning them???) give out a formula for a successful campaign/idea – the SUCCESs formula. And to second this, they cite, quote, and gather many examples of real events, real people that were (un)successful in the past. All those things help strengthen their ideas about this.

However, sometimes the stories they are trying to tell are too long that make me have the “wrap it up! wrap it up!” thinking, not to mention the eagerness to skip those pages, which I was not supposed to have (again!). Part of me does not think that the length of each story is something to be blamed here since Malcolm Gladwell – my idol even spent a whole chapter just to write about one event or one research, but I was drawn into his writing right away (try Outliers)…

In comparison to Contagious, Made to stick sounds…old(ish) and as for me, I feel difficult to remember all the details, which I was so looking forward to before I had started reading the book. But to someone who works in advertising or marketing (or Public Relations as I want to), this book is worth buying.


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