FashionTalk #2 – ElleUK Editors ‘debunked’ the myth about Fashion Editors’ World in ‘The Devil Wears PRADA’

First of all, I should have written about the FashionTalk #1 with Lou Stoppard (Fashion Editor at ShowStudio) first, but the FashionTalk #2 was so good and interesting that I decided to write about it before coming back to Lou.

So, this morning, I had an opportunity to meet with four Fashion Editors from Elle UK. Yes! You’ve read it right. ELLE! And they came to the talkshow to share their thoughts on the topic “How to get a job in Fashion”, which was really cool since I was very curious about this Fashion Editors’ world and I have been thinking about finding my way in the world of Fashion (I just finished my Fashion PR Course, FYI).

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Elle UK Fashion Editors (Photo by me)

The first impression of me about these four ladies was they looked gorgeous and very stylish. Sitting in the audience, looking at them in four different outfit styles, it was easy to get the vibe of their personality. Tomboy Lotte in pink suits, Vintage Kenya in color-block outfit, Simple but chic Kirsty in white and denim, and Free and Fun Billie in Flowery Beige and Black dress, all of them seemed not just ‘wear’ the clothes but actually ‘own’ them (You know this is a metaphor right? Of course, they own them! But I mean…’own’ in a mental and spiritual way…), which was amazing. Because somehow by doing that, they have become a role-model in not letting fashion control you even though you work in fashion (you get the idea, don’t you?)

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Elle September issue (Photo by me)

When they talked and shared about their career paths, they sounded very passionate about what they’ve been doing. They did not show any hints of the world reflected in the movie ‘The Devil Wears PRADA’ at all, but in contrast, they were very friendly and thoughtful. When they answered my question about ‘The Impact of social media on to print media in this era’, they answered it very carefully and Lotte even talked to me after the show and asked me about my study, which made me turn my fanboy-mode ON right away!

The talkshow today was very informative and interesting at the same time and it surely did help some of us (or all!) have a better view on the world of Fashion Magazines. And it surely became the inspiration and motivation for me to try to find my way into the world of fashion, which more or less had making me worried after marathon watching Ugly Betty series.

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#teamELLEUK (I wish!)
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