Letters from war – Mark Schultz with Travis Thrasher

This is a story about war, period. We can see it in the title of the book. But the war that is mentioned in this book is not only what is happening out there – the battlefield, but also what is happening right in each soldier’s family, in mothers’ hearts, in wives’ minds, in soldiers’ beloved ones’ lives.

Beth is a widow with a son who was deployed to Afganistan and has been reported missing for nearly two years. What she has got of him now are the letters being sent from him from the other side of the world. Every day, Beth is living with hope, expectation that her son would come back home, but also with depression as well. She has never lost hope but she also fears that in the end, bad news would come find her.

James is Beth’s son. He was missing after saving his team-mate’s life. His team-mate returns home safely but nothing about James was found and they are still looking for him, even just for what is left of him. Anything that lets people know whether James is still ‘there’ or not. However, after two years, nothing has been found. Yet.

A beautiful story, written on behalf of all mothers that have their sons fighting for what they have been trying to protect.

A touching story about wives and relatives that are longing to hear any news from their husbands, boyfriends, partners, fathers, brothers, even though sometimes, it might put an end to their waiting.

War is hard. Being a soldier is difficult. But there is one thing more difficult than being a soldier…It’s loving one.

Letters from war – Mark Schultz with Travis Thrasher


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