One year in London – Part 1 – Picture time!!!

I love photography. But I can’t remember since when I have adopted this hobby, but I am sure that every day, ‘Where will I go to take pictures today?’ is always what I think first thing in the morning.

One year has passed since the first moment I set my foot on to London’s ground in Heathrow Airport. I will never forget that moment. The goosebump that I’ve got after waiting for so long and finally I’ve had a chance to make it real.

One year, I’ve walked around London a lot. And my camera has always been my bestie since I am here alone. Now thinking back, I kinda enjoy it. When I can walk as slow as I want (slow down people!!!), drop by somewhere on the way, turn into any small lanes that ‘pop up’ just to find amazing houses with beautiful roses and green walls…No interruption! No whining!…

Now looking back, surfing through my photo album of London, I feel the happiness but also feel the confidence about my ‘sense’ of photography. That’s why I want to share those photos with you, so you will fall in love with London like I have been always doing (I’ve been falling hard!!!)



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  1. Mugen says:

    Nice photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tung1407 says:

      Thanks! 🙂


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