FashionTalk #1 – Political Fashion with Lou Stoppard

OK! As I mentioned before that I would come back to the FashionTalk #1 with Lou Stoppard after writing about FashionTalk #2 with Elle’s fashion editors. So here I am, keeping my promise, as usual.

We met with Lou Stoppard (Fashion Editor from Show studio) last Monday since Lou was the first guest coming to the Fashion and Design Talks hosted by Regent Street, London. Lou arrived in a white Tshirt and a pair of black trousers. She looked comfortable in her sandals. And with that vibe, she made the room feel more comfortable as well.

Today, she’d talk about ‘Fashion as Communication’. 

img_20160905_200335-01In this talk, Lou mentioned about the idea of ‘political fashion’. That is not about Fashion and politics but the point of view or the message that a designer wants people to know or follow or feel empathy, so they will purchase the product and wear it. What Lou remarked was interesting, too. She said that, before, when the Internet was not well developed as today, and social media was not even an idea, fashion designers would use their fashion products as a tool to show their point of view about their society, human, sexuality etc. and people would buy it if they had the same point of view.

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My note

However, now, that action could be replaced by writing a status on Facebook, or retweeting a slogan or posting a picture on social media. We don’t neccessarily have to buy a Tshirt with a slogan anymore. And as the matter of fact, designers these days seem to be more aware of the consequences that they might cause if they print a slogan on their designs. Somtimes it might cause some back-fire if the slogan was taken out of context and being shared all over social media just minutes after the fashion show.

Lou also gave us some ideas to think about such as ‘hoodies as political fashion items’ or ‘wear the sense of a brand’ etc., which was very informative and interesting. This surely a very good opening for a whole month of Fashion and Design theme of Regent Street.

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A whole month of Fashion and Design

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