FashionTalk #4 – Henry Holland and Frieda Gormley

This morning, we gathered again to listen to our guest talking about a new topic of fashion which was ‘The history of print in Fashion’.The guests that would be attending the talkshow this morning was Henry Holland, Frieda Gormley, and the host was Henrietta Thompson. This topic was quite interesting to me personally since I have had very very little experience about it even though I used to work for a Fashion TV program back in my country.

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Fashion designer Henry Holland

The talk has touched on so many angles related to print in fashion such as how print has changed over the year, what is an impact that social media could have on print, how print could be narrated in design etc., which was very informative yet interesting thanks to our guests’ professional knowledge and experience in this field.

Through this talk, I could grab up some helpful information for myself in order to understand more about this whole new technique like before the born of print in fashion, minimalism used to be a way of showing your sense of fashion and it changed drastically with the invention of printing technology. Or one ingredient of iconic print is something that a group of people could feel connected to, something personal or emotional.

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(Left to right: Henrietta, Henry, Frieda)

And Henry did conclude when talking about the impact of social media to print in fashion that ‘Social media should only be an additional tool, not a replacement tool’ to print, which I found quite interesting because in this morning, on my way to the talk, I’d received a new issue of a monthly magazine called BALANCE (they even gave free bake veggie cake!!!), in which had an interview with Matthew Williamson, a man who was called ‘the master of red carpet’ with many designs worn by celebrities like Poppy Delevigne or Royal people. And his business is solely online and he even stopped showing at London Fashion Week and ‘started doing things in a new way that recognised the impact of social media’.

It surely would have been very interesting if Matthew had been invited to this morning so we could have listened more to his idea.

But still, as usual, our guests this morning were the best and having had a chance to be there was my pleasure, honestly.

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My sketch and notes

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