FashionTalk #5 – ‘My life in Fashion’ with Zandra Rhodes

London just had a ‘wet’ night with hours of nonstop rain and that caused a severe delay on Bakerloo tube line, Overground and National rail going North. But it just could not stop me from coming to the Talkshow with the one and only Zandra Rhodes – British fashion icon.

To me, when I looked at Zandra this morning, the first thinking of her was ‘not fashion’, but not in a bad way. Her style just goes beyond that ‘fashion’ definition. She is a style icon, for sure.

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset
Zandra is talking about her work

Listening to what she said about her passion for fashion, I got to know that she even sold her house in Notting Hill, her company in order to found the ‘British Fashion and Textile Museum’ in London, where I definitely have to go visit in the near future after it is reconstructed.

She shared with us her career in fashion with many interesting events and jobs that she’d done over the years such as modelling, fashion designer for Topshop, fashion stylist for Kate Moss, the Olsen sisters…which just made me surprised at how incredible this woman with pink hair and large dark eyeshadows could do for fashion in her life. She’s been amazing.

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset
Q&A with her fans

This made me feel amazed and admired at her personality and her style. It made me realize that your style sometimes might not be ‘fit’ into what people around you ‘want to see from you’. It has nothing to do with being ‘easy to digest’ to others, but more to do with your personal thinking and more importantly, how you act when you wear the clothes. If you feel confident about yourself, then you will look beautiful. If not, you still look hideous even if you wore the best trend from the runway.

Fashion is temporary. Style is for life.


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