Burberry open their Makers House for public

Last Monday, Burberry just launched their new collection which marks the new era of ‘See Now Buy Now’ definition. Talking about this, Christopher Bailey, in one interview, has said that this action was done due to the fact that the Fashion world is shifting so fast under the impact of social media and smartphones. Whoever comes to see the show can turn out to be a Live broadcaster via their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…), so there’s no point in making them wait for a couple of months until the first order is shipped. So after the show finished, all 83 designs were moved to Burberry’s Makers house for the public to come and see them as well as people can purchase their new designs in Burberry stores around London immediately.

‘Makers’ on mission

This is a really rare opportunity for fashion lovers to come and see how fashion is made in high luxurious brands’ factories or workplaces because never before has any of the biggest fashion brands in the world decided to open their artisans’ workplace for everybody. Once people come inside, they can eye-witness many handmade products being made by the artisans, from making leather covers for books to coloring a fabric. People can also see the inspiration behind this September collection of Burberry, getting to know from where Christopher Bailey has decided to come up with the idea of making this collection. Moreover, in order to show how the designs look like in real life to whoever could not have a chance to come to see the show (which means everybody!), Burberry has decided to put 83 mannequins in their catwalk looks around the first floor.

This absolutely is a really interesting PR tactic by Burberry, making people aware of the heritage of the brand.


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