Wifey! I’m using your cream, OK?

There’s no doubt that not only women but men are going through a blooming period of cosmetic products and when talking about cosmetic for men, we don’t only refer to soap, and shaving foam anymore but there are more and more range of products being added to this game. These days, it is easy to eye-witness a young man walking on the street with flawless skin (and no, he’s straight…I guess!). And as an Asian guy living in London, I know for sure that good genes only play a small part in this (yes! we don’t age as fast as Western brothers…), flawless skins don’t come without both a good plan of nutrition consuming (for the inside) and a nice set of cosmetic products (for the outside).

However the problem is, some men still find it difficult (and embarrassing) when walking into a cosmetic shop to buy a face cleansing soap or eye-cream tube, even though some are more confident to do this themselves.

So…why don’t we sneak through our wives’ make-up tables (or our mums’) to see which products we can use?

  1. Facewash: 

If you want to buy your own products you can never go wrong with Clarins MEN or LAB series, but if your wifey is using CLINIQUE face soap (ideally number 3.5), then you can hold your wallet and go with your wife’s soap bar. 04654980401

CLINIQUE’s face soap for women was numbered from 1 to 3.5 according to the level of their skin’s oil. The oilier her skin is, the higher the number is. So 4 is perfect for us since our skin is way more oily than hers.

The face soap by CLINIQUE has no fragrance, so if you want to have a better scent for your face then you can choose the pAngelica Lemon Cleansing foam by L’occitane. This only helps hydrate your skin but also leaves a light fresh smell after you finish (but believe me, it fades really fast!!!).

2. Toner:

Toner not only helps cleanse your pores but also acts as a catalyst enhancing the effect of the cream or emulsion you use afterwards. With toner, you still can choose one in tons and tons of products for men. But don’t worry if you have bought any, ask your wife to stick with these two so you can use them.

seaweed-oil-balancing-toner-1-640x640Seaweed oil balancing toner by theBODYshop. Hear me out. Take a cotton pad (your wife has tons of it!), and pour the seaweed toner onto it, then wipe it slightly cross your face. Now, look at the pad. I am sure you will be surprised at how “dusty” your face has turned after a long day at work or outside. Seaweed it good for your oily skin (I heard!), and the stretchy feeling that your face might get after using this is an evidence for how well this toner could wash the oil away.

If you are not a big fan of the ocean (seaweed comes from the ocean, if you’re wondering!), then you can turn to the toner made from the rain forest trees – The rainforest facial tonic by Coast to Coast Australia. I bought this when I traveled to Singapore (it was on sale! ooh hoo!), and I’ve never regretted doing it. The scent (which was from Rosalina and Lilly Pilly) is so refreshing that it makes you feel like your skin is actually breathing out the dirty air.5f8292_1c9adf485f6548e0867c4df0ae021b8a-mv2_d_2841_2841_s_4_2

3. Cream:

OK! Don’t use cream everyday, even though your wife has lots of it, I know. You need to be careful with the cream, since our skin is not like female’s. Just think about how fast your skin gets oily after you wash your face, then you’ll get the idea of adding more oil on to that surface (double layer of oil, I think! Sometimes triple!). But having said that, men like us still can find a good batch of cream-feel-alike products for our faces.

occ_83797I recommend the Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid by L’occitane. Buy this for your wifey and try it yourself. Apply a thin layer of this milky liquid on to your face and see the difference in the next morning. This moisturizer is not as thick as the cream, not as sticky as the gel, it actually feels like…well…real milk. So it does make you feel “lighter” afterwards.

If you wonder if serum is for men or not then TheBODYshop’s Drops of youth is a worth trying product as well. Excuse the scent, your skin will feel more stretchy than usual. This is a good signal which shows that the liquid did blend in through your pores. I’ve been using this for nearly a month (sample tube) and I really feel my skin change. But again, excuse the scent. It smells weird as hell.nutriganics-drops-of-youth-2_l.jpg

So above are mainly the products made for women but I have used (because of my job’s demand), and now I recommend them to you, my bros, so you can use them (if you spot them on your wife’s table), or buy them for your wife so you can use them at home as well.

Men’s skincare, in my mind, has never been ‘whitening’ your skin, but ‘brightening’ you skin so I’ve never laid half of an eye on the whitening products). That is why I’ve chosen this batch of ‘heroes’, since they did help me look healthier and more ‘glowing’ (that’s what my friends say!). Men can have good skin, too!



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