5 Skincare products for men over 30

Winter is coming and it’s high time we thought about how to keep our skin glowing even though the sun sometimes refuses to come out (from the cloud, not of the closet, obviously!)

If you already have got your favorite skincare products that you want to keep using because you think they’re helpful, then keep using them. The point of choosing the best skincare products is not about the most expensive ones, but the most effective ones. Don’t listen to beauty bloggers (or me!) without spending some time thinking about whether those products are good for your skin, or not.

So, here are some products that I’ve been using since I was living in London and now I am still using them because they’re GOOD!

1. Gentle Foam Cleanser by Peter Thomas Roth

10363541-1302187585-408000Why I like it? With just one or two pump(s), you can massage all your face (which already damped with warm water) without having to add more foam or water. This is said to be a clinical product so I can rely on its non-chemical, non-alcohol characteristic of it. This contains wheat so it only has a really light smell (not fragrance!), which somehow reminds me of rice flour so it may be perfect for someone who does not like perfumery products.

2. Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap by LUSH

lushfreshfarmacycleanserreviewI received this as a sample when I purchased two mask products from LUSH store on Oxford street, London. My skin is oily so a girl working for LUSH has recommended this to me.

This soap contains lavender, rose, and chamomile, three of the flowers that are believed to be able to wash and cleanse all the oil from your pores. And it did! Even though it makes no foam (no foam at all!), I still feel my skin being washed properly and then appears more dry-but-not-too-dry afterward. And I like it also because it is fragrance-free, too.

3. Oil-Balancing Toner by The Body Shop

seaweed-oil-balancing-toner-1-640x640Apart from Lavender, Seaweed has been used as a perfect product for oily skin not only by the body shop but other brands as well. So when I purchased this product, I had no doubt about its effectiveness of washing the oil, but I was more concern about whether it would leave my skin dry or not.

It does not. With only a small amount of this toner on the cotton pad, you can gently massage cross all over your face. You can notice the dirt being washed away and feel “fresh” from the coolness that this toner leaves on your face.

4. Drops of the youth Concentrate by The Body Shop

drops-of-youth-concentrate-1-640x640This, I have to say, is the masterpiece of the body shop last year. I still remember the time when I was given one 7ml bottle in London as a sample and started using it. It felt so right to my skin. I could feel my skin being stretched, not like when it was dried up but because of the pore narrowing themselves.

After using all of the samples, I have decided to buy the big bottle and it has never turned me down. My skin has become softer and “cooler” when I touch it, which is believed not possible when you reach 30.

5. Original Eye Roll-on by BULL DOG

10135857Ok, let’s face it. We do not have to wait until we go to the other side of the hill to use eye-cream. The sooner you use it in your youth, the better result you’ll get when you’re old.

When I was in the UK, my eye-cream ran out, so I had to decide whether I should buy an expensive eye-cream or not. Thanks to my thin wallet, I decided to buy the cheap one. The one from Bull Dog. And it was amazing!

I really like the texture of this eye-cream since it’s not too thick but very very light. With just a small amount of it, you can let it blend on the skin under your eyes without worries. And it works perfectly as well. I have to admit that I can hardly see any wrinkles when I don’t smile and just a few when I do…

Choosing the perfect skin-care routine and products will help you strengthen your skin and keep your attitude up all day long. Not just because you look nicer but also because of the positive vibe and energy that you would transfer to the people around you as well.



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