About me

Ciao, my friends,

File 25-10-2015, 22 55 19-01
London Eye

My name is Tung Nguyen, a 32 year old Vietnamese guy who is now living and studying in London (you know London right?). I love reading books and I truly am obsessed with books about travel, cuisine and locals in the another countries. I always think that the authors of those books have a gift of making people want to drop everything they’re doing, pack their bags and book a ticket to any as-fas-as-possible place to enjoy what is called “traveling”.

Me in Brighton, England

I want to be like those authors (of course I still have many things to learn). I want to write about all the places I’ve been to, all the things that I’ve done along the way and all experiences in my life. I want to make people feel close to me when I’m far away or even better, make them want to be with me.

“Heart Beat” – Covent Garden

I know I am not so good at both writing and taking photographs, but I think I have something that can make my work more inspiring – a good sense of humor and a good heart which always open for new things.

I will be so glad if you drop by my blog some times, like my writings and leave me some comments in Vietnamese, English or Korean language if possible (Ya, I speak all of them ^.^)

Thank you.

Tung Nguyen


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